Our Mission

To deliver the most seamless in-store retail shopping experience

About BookGuru

In a world where consumers shop using PCs, smartphones, and tablets, the management of these devices has become increasingly more complex. It becomes inevitable that shoppers have a poor and disconnected experience while shopping in physical stores. With BookGuru, we empower shoppers and retailers by bridging the communication gap between the two and achieve true continuity of the shopping experience from product discovery all the way to the eventual completion of the shopping trip.

Physical stores are also affected by this lack of continuity, as it becomes harder to sort out real demands. They continue to pour money into conventional marketing methods which yield sub-optimal results. Typically, loyalty programs and flyers with coupons give stores insight into customers’ interests, but when these metrics are based on data collected only from customer purchases, they miss other details which make up each shopper, and don't offer any real-time opportunities to reach them.

Our goal is to solve both these problems by facilitating communications between shoppers and retailers for a more seamless retail experience. With the BookGuru app built on our AisleConnect® platform, shoppers get a smart-phone enabled shopping companion for a more augmented physical retail experience while stores get more accurate and actionable data to better serve their customers.

Our Company

Founded on April 20, 2013, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Lineage Networks LLC is dedicated to bringing mobile shopping solutions to brick and mortar retail using our flagship AisleConnect® platform and product BookGuru. Our vision is to bring the best of the proven on-line practices into the off-line world to improve the shopper's experience when interacting with their surroundings.