BookGuru offers retailers services that help them engage shoppers while in the store. Conventional approaches through coupons only track what shoppers purchased at the end of their trip. We focus on on-the-spot opportunities to learn from the shoppers’ behavior and preferences.

Using our patent pending recommendations engine, we can offer them personalized recommendations that are more effective than those after their shopping trip. Ultimately, we help stores get more accurate actionable data to better serve their customers.

The three main pillars of our value proposition to retailers are: Customized Shoppers’ Experience, Increased Profits, and Smarter Customer Data.

Increased Profits
BookGuru allows shopper engagement at the time of purchase decision to help boost conversion, while freeing up staff members to perform other tasks such as giving advice or managing inventory, resulting in lower costs.
Customized Shoppers’ Experience
With the option to create customized recommendations, stores will be able to better target their customers by offering super relevant updates and reminders that may lead to increased sales opportunities.
Smarter Customer Data
By moving the engagement to the point of purchase decision making, the data acquired is more volumous and fine-grained, making for higher quality and more relevant insight on consumer behavior.
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Manage your Store Front with the BookGuru Retailer Portal

  • Access your inventory of products to ensure accurate data
  • Provide store reviews on specific in-store products
  • Monitor graphs and metrics on shopper engagement




Create your Own Recommendations

  • Create and customize your own store specific recommendation rules
  • Get access to External Data Feeds to use in your rules
  • Access historical recommendation rules pushed out to your shoppers

External Data Feeds

Recommendation History

Recommendations Rules

Real-Time Activity Tracking

  • Monitor real time activities of shoppers in your store
  • Identify and gain insight to shopper trends with charts and graphs of their various activities
  • Top Activities reveal popular products you would have otherwise not known about

Shopping Activities

Shopper Data

Top Activities